The second edition of the Reference Site on Australian Studies

The Reference Site on Australian Studies was first launched in December 2011 and is a collection of basic sites in Japanese that may be useful for research on Australia. As three years have passed since then, a revised version of the Reference Site is now available. As before, revisions and selections regarding the sites in each category have been made under the editorial supervision of expert researchers in the Australian Studies Association of Japan. Furthermore, in this revised version, we received some specialized advice from members of International Australian Studies Association (InASA), which is a leading academic society headquartered in Australia. This new version of the site could not be put online without significant contributions of these Japanese and Australian researchers.

Also, this project was adopted by Australia-Japan Foundation Grant Program. We greatly appreciate the commitment made by the editorial supervisors, the researchers in Australia, and all the parties concerned. Please let us know should you find any mistakes or inaccurate information on individual sites introduced via the Reference Site.

February, 2015
The second edition of the Reference Site on Australian Studies The editorial board:
MINAMIDE, Shinsuke (Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of International Liberal Arts, Otemon Gakuin University) /
ABE, Ryoko (Otemon Gakuin University Library) /
NAGATA, Mai (The Center for Australian Studies, Otemon Gakuin University)
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  • 追手門学院大学オーストラリア・ライブラリー
  • オーストラリア論文データベース(オーストラリア・ライブラリー)
  • 追手門学院大学オーストラリア研究所
  • 追手門学院大学附属図書館蔵書検索(OPAC)
  • 追手門学院大学附属図書館
  • 追手門学院大学
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